B 150 R DOSE Disc
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B 150 R DOSE(Disc)

B 150 R + D 90: perfect for medium-sized areas from 3000 to 6000 m². The compact, battery-operated ride-on scrubber dryer has 2 disc brushes (90 cm working width) and 150 l tanks.

Product Code: 1.246-020.210
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B 150 R DOSE(Disc)

Configurable machine

  • Equipment details freely selectable.

  • Perfect adaptation of the machine to cleaning requirements.

  • Efficient, sensible solution.

KIK system

  • Increased security against incorrect operation.

  • Reduction in service costs.

  • Easy adjustment to individual cleaning tasks without demanding too much from the user.

Auto-Fill (optional)

  • Automatic fresh water tank filling.

  • Connect a fresh water hose and the filling stops automatically as soon as the tank is full.

4 batteries to choose from

  • Battery types: maintenance-free with 36 V/180 Ah, low-maintenance with 36 V/180 Ah, maintenance-free with 36 V/240 Ah, low-maintenance with 36 V/240 Ah.

eco!efficiency mode

  • Reduced power consumption.

  • 40 % longer run time per battery charge.

  • Even quieter and thus ideal for noise-sensitive areas (daytime cleaning, hospitals, hotels etc.).

Large colour display

  • Clear display of the current program.

  • Quick and easy setting changes possible.

Tank rinsing system

  • Easy cleaning of the dirty water tank.

  • Water savings of up to 70% in comparison to cleaning with a conventional water hose.

  • Better hygiene.

Built-in charger (optional)

  • No separate charger required.

  • Convenient and easy handling.

  • Adjustable for different battery types.

"Dose" cleaning agent dosing unit (optional)

  • Saves cleaning agent.

  • Precise and uniform dosing (adjustable from 0 to 3%).

  • Cleaning agent can be replaced without the need to empty the fresh water tank.

Easy handling

  • Simple handling thanks to clear control elements with colour-coding.

  • Easy operation and shorter teach-in times.

  • Automatic water stop

  • DOSE

  • Traction drive

  • Solenoid valve

  • Disc brush

  • Variable contact pressure

  • 2-tank system