Karcher HDS 9/14-4 ST
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Karcher HDS 9/14-4 ST

A high level of efficiency with the use of hot water and a flexible operating concept are just two of the many advantages of our oil-heated HDS 9/14-4 ST stationary hot water high-pressure unit, for example in self-service wash centres or vehicle workshops. The combination of hot water and the high water flow of 900 l/h is perfect for removing oily and greasy dirt. An extensive safety concept and a comprehensive range of accessories, which allows very individual configuration of the system, are further advantages. The safety concept includes monitoring of the emission temperature, dry-running protection and integrated, automatic pressure relief. New innovations from Karcher, such as the EASY!Force high-pressure gun and EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners complete the picture of a sophisticated, high-performance system. While the EASY!Force high-pressure gun makes use of the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the holding force to zero, the EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners enable handling that is five times faster than with conventional screw connections, without losing any robustness or longevity.

Product Code: 1.698-917.0
Colour: Grey/Yellow
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Karcher HDS 9/14-4 ST

Water-cooled four-pole electric motor Long service life. Improved effectiveness. Guaranteed quiet operation. Innovative burner engineering High heating output. Spiral heating coil for a compact construction style. Upright construction style prevents condensation and corrosion. High efficiency Efficient and economical cleaning thanks to the use of hot water. Short set-up times reduce working hours. Flexible operating concept Central control panel on the machine. Remote controls can be used directly at the point of use.