Karcher HD 8/20 G
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Karcher HD 8/20 G

Our HD 8/20 G cold water high-pressure cleaner with 200 bar pressure and Honda petrol engine guarantees maximum independence, flexibility and mobility. Even if no power supply is available, this machine allows independent use under the most difficult of circumstances. Even a water connection is not necessary, since the high-pressure cleaner from the HD Gasoline Advanced range can suction water from bodies of water in an emergency. Its extremely robust basic frame can withstand even the toughest of use. Similarly, the frame concept is ergonomically designed so that the machine is easy to transport, even on rough terrain. Puncture-proof wheels increase the overall toughness further. A large water filter and a thermostat valve protect the pump, whilst an optional cage frame with eyelets to facilitate crane loading provide additional safety for the machine. With the EASY!Force high-pressure gun, which makes use of the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the holding force for the operator to zero, as well as the EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners, which make set-up and dismantling five times faster than with conventional screw connections, the machine is very convenient to use.

Product Code: 1.187-904.0
Colour: Grey/Yellow
£1395.00 (ex VAT)

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Three piston axial pump with stainless steel pistons, with stainless steel pistons Infinitely variable pressure and water flow control on the unit Trigger gun, EASY!Force Advanced