Karcher HD 728 B CAGE  GB
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Karcher HD 728 B CAGE *GB

Compact, horizontal petrol-powered cold water high-pressure cleaner for go-anywhere applications independent of an electricity supply. The compact engine-pump unit is mounted in a sturdy, portable tubular frame. The unit's compact dimensions ensure trouble-free transportation between sites. Its single cylinder four-stroke air-cooled engine is easily started with the pull starter. The pump's brass cylinder head and stainless-steel valves are designed for tough professional applications and ensure a long service life. The infinitely variable detergent metering ensures exactly the right concentration for the job and therefore helps reduce chemical consumption. A built-in safety valve reliably protects the unit against excessively high pressures. The thermal sensor on the pump's cylinder head shuts down the engine automatically if the temperature exceeds a certain limit during closed circuit operation (with the trigger gun closed). Can be easily loaded for transport, due to the sturdy allround tubular frame.

Product Code: 1.187-908.0
Colour: Grey/Yellow
£870.00 (ex VAT)

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Karcher HD 728 B CAGE *GB

For the toughest jobs Sturdy tubular steel frame protects all components. Crane hook for use in the rental business and in construction, agriculture and forestry. Pneumatic tyres for easy manoeuvrability. Outstanding mobility Balanced centre of gravity and ergonomic design. Robust, portable tubular steel frame. Specially designed for painters and facade cleaners (HD 728 B Cage). Compact cage frame With reliable Honda or Yanmar motors fitted for use without an external power supply. Diverse performance classes for optimal use. Suitable for stand-alone use, independent of power supply. Maximum independence

Three piston axial pump with stainless steel pistons, with stainless steel pistons Triple nozzle (0�/25�/40�), Manual Enclosed tubular frame with attachment point for handling by crane Trigger gun, EASY!Force Advanced Cage frame