Karcher HD 13/12-4 ST 3 phase Static Cold Water Pressure Washer
Thumbnail Karcher HD 13/12-4 ST 3 phase Static Cold Water Pressure Washer

Karcher HD 13/12-4 ST 3 phase Static Cold Water Pressure Washer

The particular strength of the new generation of Karcher cold water high-pressure cleaners lies in their customisability. The advantage is obvious: buyers only pay for precisely the equipment features which are really needed. Individual details can be easily retrofitted at a later date on request. The equipment details available include: a hot water version, which can be operated with a maximum water inlet temperature of 85°C. A stainless steel casing for areas where hygiene is important. Pressure relief to increase the service life. Dry-run protection. Water softening for an especially hot water supply. An operating hour counter for efficient servicing. There are also one or two cleaning agent suction options in both high and low pressure. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, the points of use can be specifically adapted to the cleaning task on-site. Various remote controls, hose guid ing systems and a coin remote control offer the right solution for every application.

Product Code: 1.524-950
Colour: Grey/Yellow
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Karcher HD 13/12-4 ST 3 phase Static Cold Water Pressure Washer

Individual configurability saves investment costs You don't pay for anything that isn't really needed. Simply choose a basic unit and add only the required functions. Over 50 accessories for ease of use. Very hot and effective cleaning thanks to a high inlet temperature Up to 70°C water supply temperature even in the basic model. Installation of an advance pressure pump and heat-resistant. seals enable a temperature increase up to 85°C. Simple pre-connection of a HWE 860 hot water generator possible. Always flexible thanks to fast retrofitting capability Most functions and accessory parts can be retrofitted at any time. Simple Plug-and-Play saves assembly costs. Adjustment to changed requirements instead of a new purchase. Long lifetime guarantees high value retention Four-pole low-speed electric motor. Hard-wearing ceramic pistons. Individually adjustable shutdown times reduce operating time

Three piston axial pump, with ceramic piston Triple nozzle (0�/25�/40�), Manual Stainless steel spray lance, 1050 mm Trigger gun, EASY!Force Advanced Servo Control Spray lance Low-speed 4-pole motor Ready for remote control Ready for Servo Control