Karcher BV 5/1  GB
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Karcher BV 5/1 *GB

The new backpack vacuum cleaner BV 5/1 can be carried comfortably on the back like a rucksack above all because of its low weight of just 5.3 kg. The BV 5/1 is particularly used where it is too thight for conventional vacuum cleaners: Between seat rows of cinemas and theatres, in buses, trains and airplane cabs, in stairways of hotels and offices as well as in strongly transferred areas.

Product Code: 1.394-213.0
Colour: grey/yellow
£310.00 (ex VAT)

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Container material, Plastic Clip system for extension hose Filter bag, Fleece Crevice nozzle Integrated power cable reception Upholstery nozzle Safety class, II Telescopic suction tube, Standard Switchable floor nozzle, 270 mm Washable nylon filter (main filter)