Karcher Brush iSolar 800 1100-1300 LH
Thumbnail Karcher Brush iSolar 800 1100-1300 LH

Karcher Brush iSolar 800 1100-1300 LH

Designed for high-pressure cleaners with a water flow rate of 1,100 to 1,300 l/h. The iSolar 800 has a large working width of 800 mm. The water-driven brush head is fitted with two contra-rotating disc brushes. These balance out transverse forces and make cleaning easier. The flexible angle joint on the brush head's connection also makes cleaning easier and ensures that the bristles always have full surface contact. This means that photovoltaic systems can be cleaned to perfection with consistently even results. Even very large systems like those often found on barn roofs can be cleaned in no time thanks to the high area performance.

Product Code: 6.368-455.0
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