Karcher BR 55/40 RS Bp Pack
Thumbnail Karcher BR 55/40 RS Bp Pack

Karcher BR 55/40 RS Bp Pack

The very compact BR 55/40 RS Bp Pack step-on scrubber drier with powerful 36 V batteries combines the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind machine with the speed of a ride-on machine. The small turning circle of about 120 cm makes it ideal for use in narrow and awkward areas. Raised operating position for a clear view. Efficient roller technology for excellent scrubbing performance and cleaning in crevices. Effortlessly removes stubborn dirt on structured surfaces. The integrated sweeping unit makes time-consuming pre-sweeping unnecessary. Suction lips, brushes and squeegees can be changed without tools in seconds. The eco mode can be selected at the push of a button. This makes maintenance cleaning energy-efficient, eco-friendly and saves time and costs - with excellent cleaning results. Batteries can be charged quickly and easily from any standard power outlet with the integrated charger. This machine is ideal for contract cleaners and use in supermarkets, industrial systems, public buildings and healthcare facilities

Product Code: 1.533-173.0
Colour: grey/yellow
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Karcher BR 55/40 RS Bp Pack

Compact dimensions Full view from 30 cm in front of the vehicle. For predictive cleaning. Compact dimensions allow narrow clearance widths as well as easy storage and transport. With sweeping function Coarse dirt is picked up by 2 contra-rotating rollers and collected in a waste container. Coarse dirt is picked up in advance by 2 rollers to maintain suction power. Simple operation Easy to use. eco!efficiency mode saves time, energy, water and cleaning agent. Automatic filling option Easy connection to the water supply. The water supply stops automatically when filling is complete. This saves time, as the operator can do other jobs in the meantime. Eco mode Saves time, energy, water and cleaning agent. Easy to use controls Only 1 control for all adjustments. For clear and simple handling and minimum training. Easy changeover Suction lips and brushes can be replaced without using tools. Vacuum bars can be replaced in no time at all. Extremely easy to manoeuvre For excellent manoeuvrability, large area coverage and less re-cleaning. Unfolds completely For easy access to the fresh and dirty water tank as well as the batteries. Dirty water tank is removable. With battery and charger Ready-to-go: including powerful gel batteries with matching charger for a long service life.

Automatic water stop Battery and charger included Traction drive Pre-sweeping attachment Curved suction bar Roller brush 2-tank system