Karcher BD 50/40 RS Bp Pack
Thumbnail Karcher BD 50/40 RS Bp Pack

Karcher BD 50/40 RS Bp Pack

This Step-on scrubber drier offers the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind machine and the speed of a ride-on machine. The BD 50/40 RS is the ideal machine for supermarkets, public buildings, healthcare and contract cleaning. The extremely small turning radius enables to clean even winding and tight areas completely. Convincing are a compact design and enormous performance. Sensational pivoting squeegee. The squeegee rotates around the brush deck for 100 % complete pick up of water even in the tightest turns. Thanks to the adjustable Eco-mode an energy- and resources-saving maintenance can be done with excellent cleaning results. Environmental aspects are combined with high cleaning performance. The back cover comes off completely for easy access to the battery compartment and charging.

Product Code: 1.533-171.0
Colour: grey/yellow
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Karcher BD 50/40 RS Bp Pack

Automatic filling option The machine is simply connected to the water supply. The water supply is automatically shut off when the machine is filled to capacity. This saves time, as the operator can do other jobs in the meantime. Compact dimensions Easy to use. eco!efficiency mode saves time, energy, water and cleaning agent. DS3 dosing system For preventing overdosage. Optional extra. Eco mode Saves time, energy, water and cleaning agent. Simple operation Easy to use. eco!efficiency mode saves time, energy, water and cleaning agent. Easy changeover Suction lips and brushes can be replaced without using tools. Vacuum bars can be replaced in no time at all. Unique squeegee rotating principle For absorbing every drop of water in every corner. Extremely easy to manoeuvre For excellent manoeuvrability, large area coverage and less re-cleaning. Compact dimensions Full view from 30 cm in front of the vehicle. For predictive cleaning. Compact design Easy to transport and store.

Automatic water stop Battery and charger included Traction drive Solenoid valve Curved suction bar Disc brush 2-tank system