B 250 R
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B 250 R

120 cm working width! The compact B 250 R + R120 ride-on scrubber drier with roller technology - ideal for basic/maintenance cleaning & for polishing areas up to 15,000 m².

Product Code: 1.480-231.203
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B 250 R

The B 250 R + R120 ride-on scrubber drier features a large roller brush with 120 cm working width - perfect for basic/maintenance cleaning of large areas. Thanks to the powerful battery (36 V / 630 Ah) and a large water tank (250 l), long work intervals are possible. The EASY Operation switch with self-explanatory symbols and the clever colour-coding make work much easier for the operator. The eco!efficiency mode enables considerable water/energy savings. Turbine power, water volume and roller speed can be reduced with a single click. This increases the effective run time by around 20%.The compact design ensures high manoeuvrability and high area coverage. Therefore, even confined areas can be cleaned efficiently. The brush speed is adjusted as required using the FACT function. (This is a configuration example. This machine is available in a range of different configurations).

  • Traction drive

  • Roller brush

  • 2-tank system